Application Management

Stalcraft API is currently in early access, and is granted on a request basis. Requirements are not strict, but we want to limit potentially malicious use cases

Before you can use the API, you must register your application and receive approval.

Bot Access

In order to gain API access, you must first navigate to the API Management Bot in Telegram.

This bot is the registration portal for the API. You will be prompted to authenticate using your EXBO account before you can proceed with the application creation process.

Create Application

To get started, enter command /newapp in the chat, and the bot will guide you through application process.

Once your application has been reviewed, you will receive a message in the same chat confirming your approval.


Information you enter during registration will be used to review and approve your application, so it is important that it accurately reflects the purpose and functionality of your application.

Manage Application

To view list of your applications and edit their information you can use /myapps command in the chat.